moon and plants

moon and plants

new moon

this phase begins when the moon ceases to be visible from the earth, ending when the right half is fully illuminated. It is recommended not to work the plants the same day of New Moon, although this phase if it is possible to take advantage of it to be able the sick plants, favoring the vitality of the imminent Crescent Moon so that they regenerate. If our culture is outside in full ground or guerrilla, we can take advantage of this day to uproot invasive plants, making it difficult for them to sprout again


crescent moon

Is the phase between the New Moon and the full moon. from our position on earth we can recognize it because it acquires the form of the letter "D" ultil it is completed. In the crescent moon the activity inside the plant increases, proning is not recommended, althought it should be done better if it coincides with Descending Moon.


full moon

Is the phase in which we can observe how the moon is completely illuminated, It goes from when the Moon is completely illuminated until we only appreciate the left half. During the full moon the sap rises to the aerial parts of the plant, so pruringis not recommended, This is an ideal phase to germinate seeds. 


waning moon

Is the phase that goes from full moon to new moon. It can be reconized by the fact that it graduallu acquires the shape of the letter C until it is no longer visible, During this phase the sap decends and the soil is more receptive, so it is a good time to fertize and water. During the waning moon it is not recommended to sow, plant or transplant.